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Jersey Edition Podcast

High Expectations, Implementing EOS, Don’t Go To College

By Anthony Busciglio | Apr 17, 2019 |
Call Center BS Podcast

Bryan joins Anthony from the West Coast apartment in this week’s episode. The business is growing fast and will do over 200k in April just 9 months into the new business. They discussed implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System to run their business more efficiently, as well as other BS. Enjoy the show!

Operation “Brace Yourself”, Mentor Mike, My Finger Hurts

By Anthony Busciglio | Apr 10, 2019 |
Call Center BS Podcast

It’s been 2 weeks since the last show, Kevin joins Anthony in the NJ office. The FEDS just took had a huge take down called “Operation Brace Yourself”. Their Call Center business is growing rapidly and Anthony has a problem with an infected finger.

Dealing With A Violent Employee, Making Smart Decisions For Company Growth

By Anthony Busciglio | Mar 28, 2019 |
Call Center BS Podcast

Patrick joined Anthony from the Anaheim office. The company is at a pivotal point of growth and there are some decisions that need to be made. There was a bizarre incident with a violent employee who threatened other reps and management.

Be Aggressive, 75 Day Challenge, Cheating Vegas, Bitcoin

By Anthony Busciglio | Mar 20, 2019 |
Call Center BS Podcast

In this episode, Anthony and Kevin talk about stepping up the call center and being aggressive. Anthony issues Kevin the 75 day challenge. Kevin thinks he can cheat Vegas without getting beat up. Is it time to buy Bitcoin?

Call Center BS Theater Edition: Are You In A Bitchy Mood?

By Anthony Busciglio | Mar 13, 2019 |
Call Center BS Podcast

In this episode, my guests were performers Jason Compton and Annie Jay who are producing a Call Center play called Dog Collar, about job interviews and the people who inflict them. It’s a very funny concept about ridiculous Call Center surveys like “Bitch Caller”, surveying people who are in a bitchy mood lol. Dog Collar…

LeadsCon Recap, Disgruntled Sales Reps, Artificial Intelligence, Reverse Hibachi

By Anthony Busciglio | Mar 8, 2019 |
Call Center BS Podcast

Bryan and Anthony return from LeadsCon in Vegas. The guys share their experience from the event. Bryan discusses a few issues at the office in Anaheim regarding data and handling a disgruntled employee. They test out a new AI company with a live call….Anthony blows up about Hibachi and provides a solution to the problem.

LeadsCon, Call Center BS on Netflix, Surprise Visit, Failed Surgery

By Anthony Busciglio | Feb 27, 2019 |
Call Center BS Podcast

Bryan Loving joins Anthony in today’s show from the apartment in Orange County. It’s been an interesting week at the call center. Failed hire’s in New Jersey with the new campaign has Kevin on OCD overload. There was a surprise visit that was quite interesting along with Anthony being invited to participate in a play…

Call Center BS – High Blood Pressure, Hiring Reps Problem, Avicii, UFC Week 3 Gambling Update

By Anthony Busciglio | Feb 20, 2019 |
Call Center BS Podcast

In this episode, Anthony discusses his high blood pressure issue he’s been dealing with. Kevin talks about the new hire problems they’ve been having as well as the UFC gambling business model. Enjoy!

Call Center BS – Using Trello, Hiring Sales Reps, Cryrotherapy, Mike Tyson

By Anthony Busciglio | Feb 13, 2019 |
Call Center BS Podcast

In this weeks episode, Anthony and Kevin discuss using Trello to get shit done, hiring sales reps, Anthony’s cryotherapy experience and Mike Tyson’s new career. They also talked about the lagging “culture” of DMV, the post office and TSA pre-check offices. Enjoy the show. Connect with us at

Call Center BS – Running Multiple Campaigns, Private Jets, Gambling on UFC, Selling Hoagies

By Anthony Busciglio | Feb 6, 2019 |
Call Center BS Podcast

In episode 2, Bryan Loving from Anaheim joins Anthony & Kevin to discuss the new campaign they are running. The conversation quickly turns into a multitude of topics that have nothing to do with Call Centers, including the private jet industry, gambling on Draft Kings and the failure rate of small businesses.


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