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Jersey Edition Podcast

Call Center BS – Back in the Call Center Business, Sales, Honesty, Mental Toughness

By Anthony Busciglio | Jan 30, 2019 |
Call Center BS Podcast

In episode one, Anthony & Kevin talk about getting back in the call center game and the journey that took them back here. Sales, mental toughness and honesty are all elements of any business. After an 8 month break of doing content, they are back in the game, sharing what they’ve learned and sharing where…

Call Center BS Introduction

By Anthony Busciglio | Jan 25, 2019 |
Call Center BS Podcast

This is a brief introduction to the podcast. Call Center BS isn’t just for the call center industry. The content you will hear applies to anyone and everyone looking to make sales…eCommerce, affiliates, sales organizations, inside sales representatives, outside sales reps, etc….focusing on Entrepreneurship, Mindset, Marketing, Accountability, Personal Development and of course, Ball Busting (Jersey…


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